I just think these pictures are so beautiful! They are the perfect representation of Black class! Our black is so beautiful, no matter the shade, shape, or size! As African American women we should embrace that beauty! Everytime you get dressed, incorporate a bit of class. Sexy is not the defining point of beauty. Class, however, is a point! You do not have to be naked to exude sexy either! That is a myth. These women are fully clothed and look BOMB! They also look UNITED! Something I see a lot amongst African American Women is division... Why, though? We are all Black QUEENS! There is no need to hate, ladies! YOU are beautiful! Embrace your own beauty, and accept the next woman for hers! Love yourself. Love your culture. And whatever you do... do it with CLASS ;-)

- AmeliaCherre
Draya Michele is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's newest "it" girls, the 28-year-old reality TV starlet has recently launched her own line, titled Fine Ass Girls (FAGS for short), which sold out the first day it debuted. Her name also brings out a big crowd of young Hollywood royalty: Chris brown, Cassie, Omarion, and Wale are just a few who attended her 28th birthday bash in LA last month. Aside from being one of the sexiest women in the business, Draya is making moves behind the scenes and getting things done! If I have not learned anything else from watching Basketball Wives: LA, I've definitely figured out that Miss Draya knows how to bring the sexy! After watching the show, I immediately fell in love with her flirty, playful style which models her personality! What do you think of Draya's style?
Beyonce's look at the 55th annual Grammy Awards surprised us all! Instead of following the "norm" and arriving in a traditional evening gown, Queen Bey graced the red carpet in a graphic black and white crepe jumpsuit by Osman Yousefzada, a young designer out of London. She wore simple black heels and kept accessories limited, only sporting a pair of small diamond earrings, a black clutch purse, and a pair of Art Decor bangles. She wore a red lip and her hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Personally, I thought she looked absolutely stunning! It was chic and well put together. On the contrary, many style experts gave Beyonce's look a thumbs down saying it was not appropriate for an occassion such as the Grammys, Joan Rivers of The Fashion Police on E!, being one of them. What do you guys think? Did Beyonce nail it or fail it??
AmeliaCherre... Who is she? Where did she come from? What's her purpose? AmeliaCherre is the part of my soul that is not afraid. She has the courage to do and say what I won't. She is CONFIDENCE. She is SEXY. She is all of the DREAMS that transcended my own reality.
AmeliaCherre came from being afraid. From not being good enough. From insecurities. She was my way to shine through adversity... but, I did not create AmeliaCherre. My doubts, my fears, and my weaknesses did.
Her purpose? To speak when I can't. To be strong when I wanna give up. To lead me to all of the places I want to go when reality tells me I can't get there.
Her purpose is to challenge my "dead ends", my "cannot", my "will not", and my "should not".
Every woman develops their own AmeliaCherre. She comes out when we are challenged. When the world tells us we're not pretty enough, not fly enough, not good enough. She comes out in the makeup we wear. The way we do our hair. The clothes we wear. The way we walk and talk. She's that strength, that confidence, that diva that we express through style, fashion, culture.
AmeliaCherre is...
Rihanna launched her debut collection, Rihanna for River Island at London Fashion Week. She did not disappoint! The ready-to-wear line features 90's inspired pieces from colorful crop tops and bomber jackets to sexy maxi dresses with thigh high splits. Some of the pieces were even decked in tie die adding a grunge feel to the collection. Rihanna for River Islsnd will be available March 5, 2013, in select River Island stores in London. Congratulations, RiRi, on your first collection!
Red not your color?? Then maybe a sheer pink or beige is more your style. These dresses are still sexy and stylish without looking too... Easter Sunday! Pair either one of these styles with right heels and jewelry and you are ready to go! Hope this helps, Happy Valentine's Day!
Who doesn't wanna look sexy on Valentine's Day??... Nobody! Anything red, lace, or form fitting is perfect for the occassion, (no matter what extra curriculars you have planned, lol). Wanna stay current and look hot? Here are 5 dresses that will help you get in the spirit of love and, hopefully, inspire your perfect V-day look!


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    "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." 
    -Coco Chanel

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